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My Trip to Washington D.C. for PPA Imaging USA 2022

Checking out all the fun things on the Imaging USA 2022 Expo floor!

Hey!! So this year I am implementing so many changes, first of which is adding blogging! So for my first blog post EVER....what?!?.... I wanted to tell you guys all about my trip to the PPA Imaging USA 2022 Convention.

January of this year I took on a whole new adventure by going to my first ever photographers convention. I was so excited to be able to meet other photographers and to grow my knowledge in my field. My best and super supportive friend Serina accompanied me on this crazy journey. We were super excited for our girls trip!


Looking out over the water from inside the Aquarium

The first day we spent in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore National Aquarium. Aquariums have always been a weak spot for me and I was excited to be able to get the opportunity to take my professional camera with me and no brainer! We spent most of the day there just eyeing all the beautiful creatures, watching the dolphins, and we even touched some Jelly fish. Fun fact the Baltimore National Aquarium also has a full Rainforest Exhibit! Check out some of these cool shots...


Driving into Washington, D.C.

The second night there was spent taking a tour of D.C. and getting all kinds of cool shots around the city. We spent most of the time walking around and exploring. It wasn't until it got dark and the temps dropped to a whopping 20 degrees did we regret walking way too far away from where we parked. It's always the return walk that is the longest.... However the shots we got that night with D.C lit up was totally worth the "chilled to the bone" drive back to the hotel!!


After the aquarium and the tour of D.C. were done it was onto the Convention....Eeek so excited! When we first got to the Convention center it was breathtaking...I had never been in a convention center, so I was in REAL shock... They had their own store, restaurants, entire buildings, and even a shipping center inside! The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland was absolutely stunning. What better place to have a convention, then one with all natural backdrops.

I took so many different classes and workshops, I was exhausted by the end of it. Not to mention there were opening and closing parties to mingle with the other photographers and speakers. I had so much fun and learned a lot!!

There are so many things I took away from this convention, new friends, education, confidence, and pride in my own work and abilities. Being a photographer is hard work but it is incredibly rewarding. Having the ability to continue to educate myself and grow means I have the ability to reach more clients and capture more memories! I can't wait to see what new adventures 2022 has to offer. But I will tell you this, this will not be the last photographers convention I attend!

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